Save the date

April 13, 2019

5:00 PM Guest Arrival

5:30 PM Ceremony

Viansa Winery
Sonoma, California

Welcome to our website

We’re really excited to be able to share our day with you! Enclosed within this site you will soon find a schedule of the wedding, suggested lodging, additional events happening throughout the week, and a “his & his” favorite things to do in SF and Sonoma.

About us

How we met

We were both attending Santa Clara University for undergrad and met at the school’s on-campus organization for LGBTQ students, GALA. Danny was in his third year of school studying Bio-Engineering. Nick was finishing his first year in the Business school. GALA had an end of year event at California’s Great America the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. We started hanging out and riding the roller coasters together. It seemed like every ride where there was just two seats, we sat together. That same night Danny asked Nick if he wanted to hang out again. Neither of us can remember how we settled on going to the movies, but the Sunday night of the long weekend we went on our first date. We saw Sex and the City 2.

What we do for fun

We currently live in the Portola neighborhood in the south-east part of San Francisco and have a rambunctious puppy, Augustus. With him we tend to take hikes through the second largest park in the city, McLaren (which is a few blocks away.) Urban exploring and walking around all the different neighborhoods tends to be our preferred way to spend a weekend, with less plan and more “let’s see what this area has to offer.” Most of the urban exploring tends to be centralized around food, good cocktails and local beer, and festivals in the city. About once a month we tend to jump into the car and race up to Sonoma and Napa county to go wine tasting.

Weeknights we both tend to want to read, cook, and play nintendo. Weekend nights you can find us at a theater watching a musical (we’re season ticket holders to two of the major venues in SF), at a giants game, our neighborhood bar, the symphony, opera, doing a tasting menu at a restaurant, listening to live jazz, or drinks with friends. SF has so much to offer and it seems like every weekend there is something going on we can get into.


If you have any questions you can text or call one of us, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.