Travel & lodging

We have a room block at Hotel Petaluma for the weekend of April 13th. Please call and mention Munson-Walinsky wedding. (Google may reveal a cheaper option!)
Other options for lodging include hotels and Airbnb.
The room block can be relinquished 60 days before the event. If you have not made lodging arrangements please do so as soon as possible.

For travel to and from the wedding venue, we have reserved a shuttle that will depart from the Hotel Petaluma at 4:30pm, and leave Viansa to return to Petaluma at 11:15pm. We suggest meeting in the courtyard in front of Hotel Petaluma around 4:15pm if you would like to take advantage of this. Uber and Lyft are also options, and Viansa allows cars to be left overnight so you can take a ride-share back to your hotel and pick up your car the next morning if you end up driving.

We are planning on having an after-party in downtown Petaluma within walking distance of the hotel. We will update this page with details on this closer to the event date.

We’d love to be able to spend time with you before and after the wedding as well! We will be in Petaluma from Thursday to Monday. Let us know your schedule and we’ll let you know what else is going on while you’re in town! We’re recommending to people wanting to sight-see to come in the weekend prior to the wedding and spend the week leading up to the event playing tourist in San Franciscio and/or the North Bay. This page will be filled with a few group events the week before and after the wedding.